FyreChat: A Spark of Conversation

Long ago, and not so long ago, after an intense day of work and toil, as the sun disappeared over the horizon and the cold of night took over the land, people would gather around campfires, bonfires, or even just the fireplace in the living room. And around these fires, the most interesting and intriguing conversations would take place, from the days activities to theories of the world. Indeed, not only providing warmth, the fires would give the perfect opportunity for social interaction. Even Franklin Roosevelt had his "fireside chats."

Welcome to FyreChat IRC Network, the online fire to gather around. We are dedicated to providing a quality, enjoyable, and safe atmosphere for IRC users from all over the world. Started in Fall 2007, FyreChat looks to service the needs of the IRC community in today's world of instant electronic interactions.

Check us out, and enjoy your stay!

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Help Support FyreChat!

By Anubis

Enjoying the FyreChat IRC Network? Help us stay up and running! Click the donate link under the menu on the left to help support our operation costs so we can keep the fyre burning. Your help is greatly appreciated!



Spring Updates!

By Anubis

FyreChat recently made a number of changes to improve the service of the network to its users.

- We have added Helios (helios.fyrechat.net) to our server list. It is located in Chicago, Illinois.
- The Services server was upgraded and moved to a new host, as had the website
- Bri has been named to the FyreChat staff! Welcome!

If you experience any difficulties as a result of these changes, please join #help and let us know.

Enjoy chatting!




By Anubis

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